Dry Ice Blasting Benefits

Due to the recent changes and advancements in the technology behind dry ice blasting, this form of cleaning has become an increasingly practical and cost-effective alternative to the traditional cleaning methods such as pressure washing, sand blasting, and chemical-based cleaning. Dry ice blasting is faster and more effective leading to reduced down-time and cost. The process is also dry so that water or solvents don’t damage your equipment and is safe for electrical applications. This not only makes it environmentally safe, but also doesn’t require any waste cleanup. Contact us today for more information on how Mammoth can reduce your down-time and cleaning costs.

Green Process
Meets USDA, FDA & EPA Guidelines
No Chemicals Used
Does Not Contribute to Greenhouse Gases
No Toxic Fumes
Decontaminates Surfaces
Kills 99% of Common Germs & Bacteria
Easy Cleanup

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