What Is Dry Ice Cleaning?

Most blasting mediums are abrasive and can damage surfaces and leave a large mess after you’re done. This is not the case with Dry Ice Blasting. It’s a non-abrasive, non-conductive, versatile medium that can be used to clean a wide array of equipment and surfaces for a multitude of industries. Unlike other forms of abrasive blasting like sand blasting, soda blasting, and plastic bead blasting, Dry ice Blasting leaves no chemical residue and meets USDA, FDA, and EPA guidelines.


Our machines are state of the art and shoot out solid CO2 (dry ice) at supersonic speeds, expanding over 800x its size to blast away contaminates from substrates. Dry Ice blasting leaves minimal mess and which decreases down time.

How It Works

Dry ice is accelerated by compressed air through a nozzle at supersonic speeds.

The temperature (-109 degrees F) of the dry ice causes thermodynamic shock. This helps break the bond between the surface and the contaminant.

Once the dry ice collides with surface, it sublimates – causing a mini CO2 explosion, lifting away the contaminant.

Because dry ice is non-abrasive and turns to gas, you are left only with a clean surface – no secondary waste.

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