Considering Dry Ice Blasting? Don’t Fall for These Messy Misconceptions

clean surfaces with dry ice

If you want to clean surfaces with dry ice, you’ve come to the right place. Dry ice blasting uses air compressed between 80 and 90 PSI to blast pellets of dry ice at a high velocity to clean a variety of surfaces, and ice blasting solutions are ideal for a wide range of applications and industries. But before you invest in this service for your business, it’s important to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. Here are just a few misconceptions about dry ice blasting services that you just shouldn’t believe.

Dry ice blasting isn’t suitable for food prep areas/manufacturing plants
This may be one of the biggest misconceptions about how to clean surfaces with dry ice. But it’s not true at all. First, it should be addressed that there are three main types of hazards or contaminants that can cause unsafe food: Biological, chemical, and physical. Biological includes microorganisms; chemical includes cleaning solvents and pest control; and physical means hair, dirt, or other matter. Dry ice blasting is a proven technique that safely and quickly eliminates all three of these types of contaminants from food prep areas, ensuring a sanitized surface every time. Dry ice blasting has been approved by both the EPA and the FDA, and most dry ice blasting companies work largely with food manufacturing facilities to ensure sanitary conditions.

Dry ice blasting isn’t safe for electric components
This myth actually has some logic to it, because typically, water and electricity don’t mix well. But the innovative technology of dry ice blasting allows it to be used even on electrical components. Dry ice is just solidified carbon dioxide, which means it won’t melt into water — or at all, for that matter. No water is involved and it’s safe to use on countless types of electrical components.

Dry ice blasting is expensive
Though it may seem like this specialized service comes with a hefty price tag, that isn’t usually the case. These costs should be seen as an investment that saves you time and money based on traditional cleaning methods. And considering the fact that dry ice blasting is 100% ecologically safe, it’s virtually risk-free.

Now that you know the truth about dry ice blasting services, you can make the best decisions for your sanitation needs. For more information about dry ice blasting services, contact Mammoth Dry Ice.