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We Bet You’ve Never Thought of These Fascinating Dry Ice Blasting Applications

Dry ice is extremely cold (-109 degrees Fahrenheit) and when exposed to warmer temperatures, it instantly changes from a solid into a gas. Dry ice blasting services are used across a wide number of industry sectors, from manufacturing, to food processing, and more. But there are some unique industries that take advantage of ice blasting innovation as well. Let’s take a look at some of the less common industries that use ice blasting.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a relatively common form of property defacement that impedes its aesthetic appeal as well as its resale value. Fortunately, professionals can remove graffiti with ease using standard ice blasting techniques and practices. There are other methods of removing graffiti, but they take more time, use more chemicals, and use more resources than the quick and simple process of ice blasting.

Road Paving Equipment Cleaning

Road paving equipment is quite a heavy investment, so it’s understandable that it should always be cleaned with care. Fortunately, dry ice blasting is ideal for reaching into the inner workings of even the most technical pieces of equipment and machinery. Dry ice blasting can remove grit and grime from inside the paving equipment that keeps our roads safe.

Fire Restoration

Many people are aware that dry ice blasting services are ideal for water and mold remediation. After all, according to the Mayo Clinic, 93% of Chronic Sinus Infections have been attributed to mold. But dry ice blasting is also ideal for various aspects of fire restoration. Not only can it remove ashes and soot from delicate items, but the process is helpful for removing the heavy smoke odors that have been absorbed by curtains and other fabrics.

Medical Device Cleaning

There are a number of ways to clean medical devices, but dry ice blasting is among the most efficient. In fact, medical device manufacturers are discovering that cleaning with dry ice can reduce cleaning time by as much as 75%.

Dry ice blasting is 100% ecologically safe, and understanding its many uses can help you make the best decisions for your cleaning and sanitation needs. For more information about dry ice blasting companies, contact Mammoth Dry Ice.