Why Consider Dry Ice Blasting Services?

co2 pellets

The first patent regarding dry ice technology was issued in 1947. Since then, dry ice has been used in countless industries and applications. But one of its most useful and effective applications is within the process of dry ice blasting. Dry ice blasting is a technology that helps manufacturing plants everywhere stay safe and sanitized for all production needs. Here are just a few reasons to consider dry ice blasting technology for your sanitation needs.

No Chemicals
One of the biggest advantages of dry ice blasting is the fact that it uses no toxic chemicals whatsoever. Traditional cleaning methods typically require harsh and toxic chemicals that damage the environment, and potentially, human health. But dry ice blasting, on the other hand, uses co2 pellets that sublimate (transition from solid to gas) and don’t contribute to greenhouse gases. Dry ice blasting with co2 pellets also leave behind no harmful waste. The bottom line? Dry ice blasting is 100% ecologically safe.

Wide Range of Applications
There are three main types of hazards or contaminants that can cause unsafe food: Biological, chemical, and physical. Biological includes microorganisms; chemical includes cleaning solvents and pest control; and physical means hair, dirt, or other matter. Fortunately, dry ice blasting can eliminate all of these contaminants in virtually any manufacturing and production environment. Whether you work in the automotive industry, the printing industry, the food processing industry, the fire restoration industry, or any other environment that requires high-depth and consistent cleaning, chances are, dry ice blasting perfectly fits the bill.

Fast and Efficient
Finally, dry ice blasting with co2 pellets is one of the quickest and most efficient cleaning methods available for commercial applications. Professional dry ice blasting companies can bring all necessary equipment to and from the job site and complete the process in hardly any time at all, depending on the size of the area. As mentioned, there’s virtually no cleanup needed, and no risk of damaging sensitive materials or equipment.

Ultimately, understanding these unique benefits that only dry ice blasting can provide is the best way to determine the proper cleaning solutions for your facility’s needs. For more information about dry ice blasting solutions, contact Mammoth Dry Ice.